Elite Thermal Engineering continuously develop innovative cooling products for a broad range of applications responding to market demands and our customers’ requests. Our products can be found in university and government research labs, medical equipments, outdoor electronics cabinets, high performance video and CCD cameras, fiber lasers from few watts to 100s watts,  and in many technology companies who are on the leading edge of product developments.


    Our product line includes:


           1. Butterfly mounting solutions: A series of heatsinks, cold plates, PCB assemblies for cooling, mounting and interfacing with fiber coupled butterfly laser packages. Our butterfly laser connection adaptor model BA-01 is a simple and user-friendly device; we offer fan/heatsink assembly with dual butterfly adaptors model DBH-022 for butterflies with internal TECs, and  dual butterfly cold plate model DBC050A for butterflies without internal TECs.


           2. OEM Thermoelectric cold plates and heatsinks. We have developed compact high efficiency cooling modules for the most popular fiber coupled laser diodes from QPC Lasers Brightlase, nLight’s Pearl, LIMO lasers and JenOptik JOLD lasers. Model OCP-050A, Model  OCP-055Model OCP-110Model OCP-150 and Model OCP-300 are specifically developed  for OEM fiber lasers. They are also perfect solutions for cooling high power electronics, high performance CCD cameras, and some customers use them as portable environmental test stations. Higher power OEM cooling modules are in development. Please visit us often to see what’s new with Elite Thermal Engineering.


           3. Standard high temperature thermoelectric coolers. ETE is now offering competitive high performance thermoelectric modules at competitive prices. The fabrication temperature is 235ºC for operating reliably in high temperature environments. The structure is designed for thermal shock and temperature cycle applications. All modules are serialized for traceability for medical and defense applications.


           4. High power thermal electric controller: our model MC-1000 is the most user-friendly high power thermal electric controller with up to 600 watts of output power. It’s modular design make it easily configurable for any of our OEM or standard cold plates, and almost any cold plates on the market up to 600watts of power. It also provide auxiliary 12VDC fan power up to 40watts.


                 5. Standard thermoelectric cold plates and their controller. designed specifically for the most popular diode lasers. We have mounting patterns for most popular diodes such as CS mounts, fiber coupled diodes, high power high brightness diodes for fiber lasers. Our cooling modules are widely used in laser development processes.


           6. CS mounting accessories. We offer aluminum nitride plate along with indium foil and necessary hardware for mounting CS mounted diodes. Our CS laser diode mounting kit is widely used by laser diode manufacturers, laser technology developers and laser products that use CS mount diodes.


           7. Air to air thermoelectric heat exchangers. We offer the most compact, flexible and efficient air to air heat exchangers on the market. Our exchanger are widely used by outdoor equipments that need to keep the internal devices cooler than external ambient. The market ranges from telecommunication equipments, traffic control, and outdoor kiosks.


           8. Water cooling plates. Our water cooling plates comes with instant tube fittings and offer the most popular diode mounting patterns such as CS mount, fiber coupled diodes, and many high power high brightness fiber coupled laser diodes.


           9. Custom thermal/mechanical design. Our technical stuff have developed numerous custom thermal management solutions for our customers in telecom, military, semiconductor and industrial applications. When you have a thermal problem or need some one to perform mechanical/thermal design, the chances are we have a solution for you. Please visit our engineering website for more information.


               NEW! High power 60mm x 38mm IP55 waterproof fan. Please click here for the datasheet.



    Providing total thermal solutions is our passion and our mission. Please browse through our website for more information.    


    Email us if you couldn’t find the information you need.

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